5 Ways Tape-Ins Are Perfect For Natural Hair

5 Ways Tape-Ins Are Perfect For Natural Hair

Our latest installation method is a fresh way to love your natural hair while getting added length, more volume, or a whole new look instantly. When it comes to extensions, we put your hair’s care first—yes, they can look good, but feeling great and protecting your natural hair are key in all we do. So now that we’ve added Tape-Ins to our product mix, we want to set you up for success, protection, and of course gorgeous results. Here’s why Tape-Ins are a perfect match for your natural hair. 


1. Low-Tension and Lasting 

We know the stories and have even (maybe?) experienced the tension some extensions can put on your hair. And your edges. When you’re using extensions to enhance length and fullness, the best methods will also provide protection and preservation of your hair in the process. Our Tape-Ins can last from 4 - 8 weeks with the right maintenance, and in the meantime, they’re lightweight and won’t tug on your own natural tresses. Since we suggest a professional install them when done properly Tape-Ins give you lasting beauty, a confidence boost, and make a careful addition to your own hair. 


2. They Give Range. And Volume. And Length

With Tape-Ins you determine exactly how you want to enhance your natural beauty. We recommend 4-5 sets for a full look or 2-3 to start for a subtle level-up of your natural hair. There are also plenty of options to pick just how much length you’d like to add—choose from 16”, 20”, and 24” depending on your desired finished look. 


3. Textures Made For You

Shop Tape-Ins in textures that are made just for your hair. Our latest extensions are available in all four of our signature textures: For Koils, For Kurls, For Kinks, and Blowout. We’ve made it easy to find your perfect blend and add as much as you like. 


4. You Can Wash & Wear Them Again 

Creating healthy care routines for your hair is something that you shouldn't have to sacrifice for any look. Our Tape-Ins allow you to stick with the rituals that restore you and your hair. Just wait 48-72 hours for Tape-Ins to set initially, and then you can get to your wash day routine. We offer sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners you should use to cleanse and keep your hair in beautiful shape. The same P.E.K Fresh Kept Shampoo and New Condition Conditioner you use on your HFH wigs and clip-ins work wonders here, too. For added detangling and refresh from roots to ends, the HD Curl Brush is a go-to for 

great results.



5. Easy Out 

Get your stylist to remove Tape-Ins to close the loop on the gentle and protective path you started. With a professional handling removal, you can prevent damage to your hair along the way.  

We could keep talking about Tape-Ins, but the best way to put them to the test is to try them for yourself. If you still have questions, we have more answers and guidance on getting even more gorgeous in a fresh new way. Visit our Tape-Ins FAQ page or reach out to us to talk through Tape-Ins and all things hair. 


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