Natural Hair Extensions

4 Benefits of Wearing Natural Hair Extensions

Ladies, let’s talk. Our hair has always been the topic of conversation. Short, long, curly, straight, relaxed, or natural regardless of how you style it, we all have our unique reasons for choosing our next look. The same applies to kinky-curly hair extensions. For those of you who are still deciding on trying out natural hair extensions, here are five benefits that you should know :


1. Instant Gratification


What we love about natural hair is that every phase from the TWA to long curly locks is absolutely beautiful. We believe that natural knows no limitations and we love how kinky curly extensions give you the freedom of choice. Having the choice to relish in long tresses without having to wait to grow your hair out is one element our Heat Free Hair community has benefitted from.  So whatever phase you are in in your journey, enjoy the opportunity to embrace a new you without the wait!


2. Protection


One of the popular reasons for wearing extensions is to protect our hair. Our natural hair can be compared to a delicate flower, and it’s important to take measures to help it thrive. The less you manipulate your hair, the less damage is caused, and the healthier your hair will be. When prepping your hair for an install ( wefted hair, clip-ins, wigs, etc.) braiding or twisting down your natural hair are popular practices in putting away your natural hair and tucking your ends away. These are important in order for your curls to grow in peace.

3.  Volume


Having the opportunity to add volume to your hair a reason we can all benefit from. If you want some drama for an event you're attending or want to add a little something extra to your day to day look; extensions are your solution. Regardless of your style preference, when you find the perfect match, no one will know your secret. 

 4. They Can Be Your Color Canvas


When we don't want to be confined by one look, coloring our hair can be an exciting way to change things up. The only downside is that when it isn't done right, we put our natural hair at risk for curl damage, breakage, and the wrong color. Extensions are a safe option to explore new colors on you without the fear of commitment.  

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