3rd day curls

3 Tips on Reviving Your Third Day Curls

They say 3 is the magic number but, when it comes to natural hair extensions sporting 3rd-day curls can be a gamble. A moment that will determine the flow of your day. Will you spend it washing and re-styling? Or touching up and revitalizing? As women on the move, our goal is always the latter. Here are 3 quick tips on how to revamp your 3rd-day curls in minutes! :


1. Moisturize to revitalize


Give new life to your curly extensions with classic H20! Hydrating will help freshen up your curls and help them take new shape! 

*Note be sure not to over saturate them or else you'll have to spend unnecessary time waiting for the hair to dry. A mister will do the job!


2. Comb through to curl up.


What we hate to see in our day 3 curls are those tangles. If you spot any after moisturizing, you can glide through those tangles to redefine your look.

*Tip take your time and work your way through your hair. You really want to see those curls come back to life without too much shedding.

3. Seal the deal.

Luckily with extensions, you don't need to apply too much product to refresh your curls. Seal in your freshly touched up curls with a little leave-in or top them off with some mousse. Just like that, your curls have bounced back!


Now that you're in the know, try these tips out on your 3rd-day curls!


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