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“For Kinks” Wefted Hair

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4.91 out of 5
11 Reviews

100% Pure Virgin Hair made to blend beautifully with the kinkiest tresses! Our “For Kinks” collection is made to blend with 4B-4C natural hair. It is very full and thick yet soft, and lightweight. “For Kinks” is our lowest luster collection and can be used to add versatility to styling, fullness, and/or length. Each bundle weighs approximately 4oz (113.4 grams) and comes in its Natural Virgin unaltered color. We recommend 2 bundles for a full head.

Lengths over 18inches may require 3 bundles to achieve desired fullness.

4.91 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings
(13 customer reviews)

What is 4B-4C? – These numbers and letters represent your hair type. 4B hair tends to have more of a “Z’ pattern, but it is tightly coiled. It emulates a cotton-like feel and tends to be very densely packed together. 4C hair is the kinkiest of all tresses as it is very tightly coiled and thick. Our “For Kinks” Collections is the cross between 4B & 4C hair as it is kinky, thick, full, and has a cotton-like feel to it.

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Additional Information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 1.5 in

13 reviews for “For Kinks” Wefted Hair

  1. 5 out of 5


    The hair is very kinky and blends very well with my thick thick African hair lol. There was a lot of hair in the bundle which I love, but I did have to colour it because it was a little too brown for my liking. I waited two weeks to do this review and I actually prefer the hair now than I did day 1. It takes training and getting used to, but I love it! I do experience shedding especially if I do too much combing through (bought the D41 brush they suggested), but I am one that believes that all hair sheds especially hair this kinky so that doesn’t bother me since it is still very full. Keep up with moisturizing because it will dry out if you do not. I love the Quemet product they recommended for daily moisture and I cant wait to try that on my real hair when I take this out…so moisturizing!! I think its worth the money and surprisingly did not take as long as I thought it would to get to me in London. Keep it up Heatfree hair team! Can’t wait for specials! (wink wink lol) 

  2. :

    I LOOOVE THIS HAIR!! I’ve been natural for 4 years and have been wearing synthetic curly homemade wig protective styles for almost a year now and my super fine coils are really thriving. Lately I’ve been longing for hair that truly mimicked my own hair… authentic coils, not bohemian waves, not Italian kinky LOL. The hair is pricy, but if you can afford it, it is truly worth it to me. I am super picky about my hair, my wigs and human hair and believe you get what you pay for. I installed the 18” for kinks and am rocking a twist out today that is soft, bouncy, beautiful, and FIERCE. I have been doing hair for years and so I wouldn’t suggest this hair to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing… I dyed the hair darker as well because it was medium brown – too light. Then, I washed and conditioned as suggested. My own hair is not huge and thick so I installed just enough for fullness and a true to me look, and did not feel I needed to use the entire second pack. I used stuff I already had at home to twist it up: Garnier Sleek n Shine Smoothing Milk and Murray’s Cream Beeswax (used together = great hold + softness). The hair responds well to water, light creams with silicones, and light oils. My hair is mostly 4b and so I took the plunge and got the “Kinks” collection. It is BEAUTIFUL. I’m glad the “Kurls” was sold out! It is so natural looking, it’s amazing. The ends are coily! And I love it!! How did they do that?? I don’t brush or comb my own coils and so I don’t brush or comb this hair either. Spritzing with a bit of water to finger detangle works perfect for me. I pineapple at night and I’m good to go. I usually hate human hair because of the inconsistent quality and frankly the wretched smell that just gets even more rancid when you wet the hair or add product to it. This hair is excellent quality, no icky process smell, full wefts, the coil pattern and strand length is uniform throughout, the wefts are excellently constructed, it’s soft, pliable, no spit ends, is easily revived with water, and takes to dye well. I would DEFINITELY repurchase again and again… but I’m gonna give this batch plenty of TLC and wear it till the wheels fall off first 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5


    I just got this hair put in today and I LOVE IT!!! I got For Kinks in 18 inches and it is full, fluffy and comfortable. I probably would have been happy with 16 inches but I wanted enough length to be happy with and this is definitely it. I did co-wash and seal the wefts as they suggested. I’m getting ready to do some two strand twists. I’ll use Oyin Handmade to dampen and Shea Moisture Souflee for the set. I may end up cutting it some for shape, but I do love the drama of the length so I’ll rock it for awhile. Just like the previous reviewer, I intend to wear this til the wheels come off lol!! And I will definitely invest again and again. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!

  4. 4 out of 5


    So I’ve had this hair installed for three weeks now, and I’m finally getting the hang of it — but that’s not to say I don’t love it. This is my first weave in 4 years, so it’s taken me three weeks to finally figure this ish out. I ordered one 12″ bundle (installed at the top) and one 14″ bundle (installed at the bottom). See my bullet points below:

    1. I’m a 4c natural. I had to color the hair because it was too brown but once I did, it was fine. The texture of this hair when combed out matches my real hair perfectly!

    2. Detangle, detangle, detangle. In the beginning I did a half-assed detangling job and this hair didn’t like me for it. I finally spent an hour and a half yesterday going track by track, detangling my hair while I conditioned it and it’s perfect now.

    3. They’re not joking when they tell you to moisturize the back well because it tends to bunch up. Because of that, I know I’ll order 18″ or 20″ the next time.

    Overall, I love this hair. I’ll definitely order it again, and now I know how to care well for it. I plan on having this for another three weeks. *fingers crossed*

  5. 5 out of 5


    I have been fixing kinky curly hair from other virgin hair shops for a while . I believe in quality I really invest in pure virgin kinky curly hair. I decided to give the for kinks collection by heat free a try n I am totally blown away. First It was the detailed instructions on how to take care of the hair that blew me away. Others do give instructions but not this detailed. For the hair …,it looks voluminous and very pure….so another point. For the behavior in terms of shedding and shrinkage.. I will write a comprehensive review after 1 month. I will compare it with the other expensive textures I have been investing in for the last 2 years…But for now 5 stars. Hope to give it another five star after 1 month. Thanks Heat free

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    i love this hair!!!! i literally cried when i got it in the mail!!!! i have one bundle of 20in and one bundle of 18in. i have to say in the beginning the hair was so hard to manage but now the twist out style is my savior!!!!!! my instagram is Empresskiki if anyone wants to know more!!!! i will also have a you tube review up soon. this is the best hair investment I’ve ever made!!!

  7. 5 out of 5


    This hair is excellent! It matches my curls perfectly. I just installed it last night and I shingled it with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Then I diffused it and rocked a curly fro. I swear I will never buy kinky/curly hair from any other company.
    When buying this hair, do keep in mind that the hair does shrink up quite a bit. I recommend purchasing hair that is 2 inches longer than your desired length.

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This hair is EVERYTHING I wanted and more!!!! I have always wanted long natural hair and now I have it! I will buy again and again!!! This hair is a GOD SRND! -HappilyNaturalLit26

  9. :

    I love this hair. I didn’t have to color it as my hair matched the color perfectly. Please take care of this hair, if you do it will last longer!
    Great idea!

  10. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I fell in love with heatfreehair last year after I purchased the for kinks collection in a 14 and 16 inch. I absolutely love the hair, it blends seamlessly with my curl pattern (even after bleaching and coloring the hair, which did slightly loosen the curl pattern). It is hands down the best curl I have ever purchased and I swear you will not be disappointed. See my instagram for pics (mskerri_baby).

  11. 5 out of 5


    I really like this hair. It is well crafted and of great quality. Low to no smell, cute packaging and priced appropriate. I purchased two bundles of the Kinks collection (18 inch and 20 inch) back in December 2013 and I am still going strong. With two bundles purchased I only used one for a full head sew in and I have CRAZY natural fullness…. People come up to me all the time telling me how beautiful my hair, asking me how long I’ve been natural or what products I use. lol I’ve inspired many women to go natural here in the Midwest lol – (wish you all had a referral program, I’d be rolling in referral dough lol) anywhoo, I digressed, I use raw Shea Butter and Shea Moisture products that work wonders… It was a small learning curve the first install given the length (never had 20 inch kinky curly hair – my own or extensions). I have learned (3) things: 1. TLC – don’t handle the hair rough. You must treat the extensions exactly as if it were your own hair growing from your scalp. 2. Tie ups at night are a must! (silk wraps or bonnets are best) 3. Moisturizer often. With the exception of the fact that the wefts are unable regenerate, HFH For Kinks is life like. I love the product and would love an opportunity to promote your product and methodology. I happy there is a product out there that will allow me the opportunity to rock my extensions without giving up my identity. Thanks HFH!

  12. 5 out of 5


    Beautiful hair.

  13. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I had been eye spying this hair for at least a year before purchasing it in Oct 2014. The price of the hair is a large pill to swallow. But let me tell you, it is sooooo worth it. The matched perfectly to my kinky textured hair.I absolutely loved it. Once you find products that work for your daily maintenance it is so easy! Beautiful Textures moisturizer works well with this hair. I love this hair and will be purchasing again soon! Sale please!

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Please note that each of our bundles are measured by their length when straight.  Due to the kinky nature of this collection you will experience shrinkage so please reference our length chart below to accurately decide what length is best for you.

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