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Why Us?

Because we care! The Heat-Free Hair Movement team is comprised of a group of women who have collectively been natural for over 15 years, and wholeheartedly believe in having options that allow us to protect our hair while still expressing our individual style. We are not a regular hair sales company, but a movement to inspire women to embrace their natural hair journey with confidence! Our products are 100% pure and have not been chemically altered to create our textures. We provide the best for our customers and provide expert advice to help you along the way on your journey!

What is 3B/3C-4A/ 4B-4C?

These numbers and letters represent your hair type. 3B hair is usually in the shape of an elongated S-Curl. 3C hair is usually tightly curled with volume, and can be kinky and densely packed together. Its curls are usually very defined, but fine in texture. 4A hair is thicker, yet tightly coiled in an “S” pattern. Our “For Kurls” Collections is the cross between 3C & 4A hair as it is densely packed together and coiled in a very defined “S” pattern. 4B hair tends to have more of a “Z’ pattern, but it is also tightly coiled. It emulates a cotton-like feel and tends to be very densely packed together. 4C hair is the kinkiest of all tresses as it is very tightly coiled and thick. Our “For Kinks” Collections is the cross between 4B & 4C hair as it is kinky, thick, full, and has a cotton-like feel to it.

Can I straighten this hair?

Yes, you can straighten this hair but keep in mind that just like our own natural hair, this hair is also susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern.

Can I color this hair?

Our hair can be bleached or dyed to any color to blend with your hair. Do not color this hair after it has been installed. We always recommend coloring hair prior to installation. Please note that bleaching hair or using color with harsh chemicals in it can weaken the shaft. Hair that has been colored will need a little extra love and attention when maintaining it. Our collections only come in their natural and unaltered colors (ranging from 1B-2), and we do not offer color options or coloring services at this time.

Can I wear this hair to go swimming in salt water or chlorine water?

Yes, you can swim in this hair but we recommend wearing a snug-fitted swim cap to protect the hair while swimming. Salt water and chlorine can be very drying, stripping moisture from the hair and could also cause tangling.

How many bundles do I need?

We recommend two bundles for lengths under 18″ and three bundles for lengths above 18″ to achieve desired fullness. We have made our bundles very full weighing 4oz (113.4 grams) so that you only need 2 bundles to do a full head. Bundles that are longer in length tend to have a shorter weft so that the weight stays the same; so for hair over 18 inches, we recommend buying 3 bundles for a full weave.

I have more than one curl pattern, which collection do you recommend?

We recommend using the hair you plan to leave out as a marker for which collection to purchase.

How is this hair installed?

Our collections come wefted and the track should be sewn in. At this time, these collections do not come in bulk (unwefted).

What kind of maintenance is involved with this hair?

Our team has spent several months designing the perfect hair regimen for each of our collections and we include them in your package to help you along the way.

What product should be used to seal the wefts?

We recommend using Dritz Fray Check to seal wefts. It can be purchased on Amazon and other similar online retailers.

How long does it last?

The expectant life of the hair is solely dependent on the care and daily routine you provide to your install.

How long does it take the hair to arrive?

Please visit our Shipping/Delivery Information page for this information.

Do you offer distributorship?

Not at this time, but we’re considering distributorship in the near future.  Please leave your contact information at customercare@heatfreehair.com for future contact.  Thank you.

Is there a location where your hair can be purchased?

At this time, our hair is only available for purchase online.

Do you have a list of stylist recommendations that install Heat Free Hair?

Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to collaborate with other stylists and vouch for their work.